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just a reminder that talking endlessly about how well off ppl with anxiety and depression are still isn’t talking about psychosis, bipolar, and personality disorders.

(#also it ignores other factors like chronicity and severity #and racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and how those affect perception of mental illness and diagnosis given)

yeah i’ve seen a LOT of that lately. 

tbh it makes me SO mad. i was so optimistic and hopeful when people here started talking more about the different types of stigma and unique experiences of people with disorders like psychosis, bipolar, and borderline and instead i got a conversation lacking in all nuance that places blame for that stigma on those with anxiety and depression.

and in a way, it really plays into the already prevalent dichotomy about anxiety and depression and those disorders, that anxiety and depression are mild and common and basically you’re a whiner if you let it “get to you”, but people with more dramatic disorders are more genuine but also more dangeous and frightening. this dichotomy basically pits us against one another to devalue our experiences and it makes me really sad to see other mentally ill people buying into it?

and there’s also a big difference in the experience of someone with, like, chronic and severe anxiety and depression and someone who maybe has one episode or a milder case of it? because most people will go through some kind of mental illness in their lifetime, be it as a result of a stressful life event, or a one-time occurrence, or a mild but persistant problem, or as a disabling and chronic illness.  

there’s a huge range of experiences, and i think a lot of the time these posts are conflating the experiences of people who experience ill mental health not as a chronic disabling illness with people who experience anxiety and depression.  

and finally i’m just fucking sick of ignoring the obvious fucking fact that how you get treated and diagnosed and the risks you face are highly influenced by things like race and class and gender.  

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Let it be known, though, that a Jew having a different opinion on Israel/Palestine from whichever one the gentile asking them prefers is not grounds for ignoring that Jew’s voice on matters of antisemitism and Jewish issues.

 The number of times a non-Jew has asked me my opinion on Palestine in order to gauge whether or not I’m worth listening to when I talked about my experiences as a diaspora Jew is “more than zero” which is completely unacceptable.  

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brendon urie and ryan ross (about dallon weekes)

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Bioshock 2 Removed Content —> Little Brothers

BioShock 2 explored the concept of “Little Brothers.” The idea had been brought up in BioShock with the audio diary “Why Just Girls?”, but no satisfactory answer had been given for why the ADAM gatherers were exclusively female. Rinaldo Tjan notes in the Deco Devolution artbook, “They were supposed to be like Little Sisters, but they were a failed experiment. Little Brothers were supposed to be aggressive, so they couldn’t be used for gathering.” There would have been a “Little Brother therapy room” in Inner Persephone, but that was repurposed as the Pediatric Wing for the Little Sisters.

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